Vintage Motors, is a business that was started in 2015. It started as an inspection business, that specialized in the viewing vehicles on behalf of prospecting client from all over the world.

In mid 2018 we opened a sales division called Vintage Motors Retail, this division offered a multitude of services, such as sales, inspections, shipping and transport. With such success we opened two new divisions in mid 2019, consisting of we buy platform and an exclusive auction platform. Each division working hand in hand with the other.

We are extremely proud of our growth, especially in this tough economic climate and we say thank you to our friends, family and clients that have gotten us here, and we will continue to strive for excellent service and honest advise as we move forward.

Pick which platform is best suited for your needs and we gladly assist you.

Feel free to click on the links to our different platforms. If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can reach us via our contact page and don’t worry, we don’t bite.


We Buy Vintage Motors , a division of Vintage Motors , which is an online car to cash platform. It specializes in direct and immediate cash sales for your vehicle, with no risk to you.

We’ve taken the inconvenience out of selling your treasured assets by cutting out the masses and streamlining a sale directly to us. This ensures your classic never has to see a park-and-sell lot or you having to deal with shady characters and tyre kickers.. We offer cash via EFT upfront to our sellers, it’s that simple. To ensure you’re getting the best deal, we have a panel of expert evaluators to assist us ascertain a true value for your vehicle in this current market.

Turn your classic into cash today through We Buy Vintage Motors. You bring, we buy!

Click on our How It Works page for more info of the process!


Our retail division offers just as the heading suggests, a platform where you can find any type of classic / vintage or modern classic vehicle to buy. In today’s tough market we have to be realistic with our pricing structure, and this has being a key factor in our business model that has made us successful over some of our competitors.

This Platform is ideal for our clients looking to buy or sell through our marketing and distribution channels without the stress and hassle. We have invested great time and money in growing our platforms across the globe to improve our efficiency in having your vehicle sold. Our track record is there to proof it.

If you not looking to buy but prefer to sell a vehicle through Vintage Motors Retail, let us market your vintage or classic vehicle on your behalf without the risk of the vehicle leaving your possession or handing over the keys. Simply put, our Retail division works for and on behalf of our clients. We’re all about customizing the sale to ensure maximum return on investment for you, as a buyer or a seller!


A platform created for clients with a different need, clients who have large or complete collection that they would like to sell. It could be a clearance auctions for pristine collectors pieces or perhaps some projects vehicles needing new fired up owner to make them new.

Sadly auction houses over the years have acquired a bad reputation. We aim to change that by using the same ethics that we have used since this business was incepted. We run planned events, with special marketing requirements tailored for that specific auction. Realistic reserves is important to us, because we know that if a vehicle is priced correctly it will sell.

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